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Five Winter Tips For Your Dumpster Rental

by Rick Carpenter

Renting a dumpster for your business comes with responsibilities. In winter, those responsibilities may be more challenging, but the following tips can help.

1. Choose a Well-Drained Location

Snow, ice, and mucky melt can make it difficult to access your dumpster for regular use. Bad ground conditions can make it difficult or even impossible for your rental service to access the dumpster for pickups or emptying. It's best to park the dumpster on a paved location, especially during the winter months. Make sure the location is accessible both by vehicle and by foot so the dumpster can easily be used and serviced.

2. Mark Access Path

The path for reaching the dumpster, both by foot and vehicle, should be marked clearly so that snow removal equipment services know where to shovel. If you get a lot of snow in your area, then you may need to use snow poles to mark paths. In areas with minimal snow, then landscape flagging works well. For dumpsters placed in gated surrounds, make sure the path of the gate is marked for snow removal so that it can be opened easily.

3. Use the Lids and Covers

It's never a good idea to leave a dumpster uncovered, but this is especially the case in the winter months when snow and ice can get inside. Snow and ice add weight, which can increase your rental and disposal fees. Further, the moisture can cause garbage to freeze to the inside of the dumpster, making it difficult to empty completely. Sturdy lids that can easily be opened and closed are a must. Make sure the lids are strong enough to handle a snow load.

4. Request a Hinge and Drainage Check

Dirty, poorly lubricated hinges on the covers can freeze up in winter, making it almost impossible to open the covers. Lubricating with an outdoor-rated product before the onset of cold temperatures solves the problem. Clogged drains add weight to the dumpster when winter moisture isn't able to drain, so these also need to be inspected and cleared. Your rental service should offer monthly inspections to help prevent both of these issues.

5. Develop a Snow Plan

Have a snow plan in place. Know when your dumpster service day is and make sure that your snow removal team is instructed to have the path cleared for servicing prior to the dumpster company's arrival. Further, have a plan to keep the path to the dumpster shoveled and deiced daily so that your staff can easily access it.

Contact a dumpster rental service to discuss any concerns you have with your unit during the winter months.