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What Is A Mold Assessment Like For A Residential Property Owner?

by Rick Carpenter

Maybe you have sustained water damage. Perhaps you just want to make sure your home is safe. In any case, a mold assessment with the help of a professional can give you a lot of insight. Take a look at what generally happens during a mold assessment. 

Expect a visual examination to take place before anything. 

When the professional mold inspector gets to your home, they will not immediately start collecting samples to be sent out for testing. Instead, they will first do a visual inspection of the house. You may see them do the following: 

  • Crawl into the crawlspace with a flashlight 
  • Look closely at the corners and baseboards in certain rooms 
  • Go into the attic and take a look around 

The visual assessment is done to notate any obvious signs of mold in the house. This information will then be used to take physical samples, but it will also be used when referencing mold samples from the lab. 

Expect the mold assessment to involve an air quality test. 

When there is a suspicion of mold in a home, there is a danger that the mold particles are airborne and affecting the air quality. Therefore, even though the professional will be taking physical scrape samples and other physical samples from certain places, they may also be using equipment to perform air quality tests. Some readings may be available right away, but some air samples may also be captured and sent to a laboratory for further analysis. 

Expect the mold assessment to give insight into the likelihood of mold remediation. 

Even before you get the test results from the lab, you can pretty much rely on the fact that the professional inspector will offer their opinion about whether remediation will be inevitable. These people are knowledgeable about what mold issues look like, so they can give you their expert opinion about the situation before all test analyses are complete. 

Expect the mold testing process to let you know what kind of mold you have. 

There are many different types of mold that can be found in the typical home; some are dangerous and most are not. During the testing process, each type of mold found will be properly identified. After the analyses are complete, the company you hired for mold testing will come back to let you know exactly what type of mold it is you are dealing with and if you should be concerned. 

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