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Planning To Have Solar Panels Installed On Your Home? How This Works From Start To Finish

by Rick Carpenter

If you are planning to have solar panels installed on your home, this will take a lot of time. It will help for you to know how this works. Below is information about the work solar power system installers do.

Assess Your House  

The first thing the solar panel installation company will do is to send a contractor out to your home to assess your site and house. They will determine how much shade is on your house and property each sunny day and how much sun shines on your house.  

Once the solar panel contractor is done with this, they will then take measurements of your roof where they plan to install the panels. They will then write up a report that shows all this information to give to a designer. This is the most important part of the installation process.   

Get Approval  

Once the contractor hands over the report they wrote, they will give it to an expert to look at. The expert will then go to your home to look over the measurements to make sure they are correct. They will then adjust the plan, if needed. 

This is a very important part of the process, as this is the end of the design. The company wants to be sure everything is perfect so the solar panels will fit perfectly when installed on your home. If the solar panels are not placed correctly, they will not only work well but also look bad on your roof. 

Get Permits

Once the design process is finished, the solar panel installation company will get all required permits before they start the installation. The permits required depend on where you live, as they are not the same for each county. There may also be many permits that are required.

There are also people called permitting experts that the installation company may hire. This expert will be knowledgeable about every permit that you need to have. Depending on how many permits are required, this may be very fast or it may take longer. 

Install the Solar Panels

It is now time to install your solar panels and get everything set up. First, they will order the solar panels and any other parts that are required. As soon as everything comes in, they will call you to set up the time when they can start the installation. 

During the installation, the contractors will first install the panels and then connect the panels to a conduit. They will try to do this on a very sunny day so they can make sure the panels are working correctly. 

You can learn much more information from the solar panel installation company.